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Announcing Contest to Create the Poster for Our March, 2019 Event

Naked Masquerade

We are constantly blown away by the level of talent displayed by the artists at our shows. So, we had a thought: “Why not have YOU design our next event poster?” Thus, we are announcing a contest to create our March, 2019 poster art. The winner will get a cash prize of $500 and have their artwork featured in all of our advertising materials for the March, 2019 show.

The image at the top of this post is what we used for our September, 2018 show. It was a photo Chris (one of our organizers) had taken many years ago that he cropped and ran through an AI filter to give it a painted effect. It worked well for our advertising, because it was easy to cover the nudity with a little text so we could use it on social media and in “family-friendly” publications. That’s how we ended up with ads that looked like this:

Use this as a little guidance on things we will need for the next show’s poster, and you could be walking away with the prize money.

Want to submit your work for consideration as our next event poster? Just use the form below to submit your piece and you could walk away with $500 in your pocket and a little notoriety around the nude art world in Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone who enters, and good luck!

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September 8, 2018 Show to be Featured on Naked News!

Naked News Logo

We are so very excited to announce that the September 8, 2018 show will be a featured story on the Naked News. Better yet, Naked News host, Laura Desiree, will not only be on site to report about the show, but will perform live on stage! 

For more information about the Naked News, and to subscribe, visit their website:

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April Round-Up for Nude Art LA

April 2018 Nude Art LA Update

As April draws to a close, we have lots of news to share about the most exciting and engaging art show in Southern California: Nude Art LA.


Art Share LA

The September show of Nude Art LA will take place at Art Share LA. Anyone who has visited this location undoubtedly knows what an ideal space this is for a show like ours. With a dedicated gallery space, theater with a stage, and a number of additional rooms, we will have ample space and facilities to display a ton of art while hosting several simultaneous live performances throughout the evening. This space will allow for many more artists and performers than our first show and create a better flow for guests to move from one area to another.

We received many requests for a bar at our first show and this time we will deliver. Art Share LA will provide bar service for the duration of the event. Additionally, Art Share LA is smack in the middle of the Downtown Arts District, putting a number of outstanding restaurants and bars within easy walking distance of the event space.

Artists and Performers

We put out a call for entry to artists and performers earlier this month. The application form can be found on our site at We have already received some excellent submissions and look forward to many more. We have also heard from some of our favorite artists from the first show who expressed their desire to return. We could not be more excited to have them back, and cannot wait to see who else will join us in September.

We are also busy setting up a lineup of performances and we look forward to sharing the thrilling details with you as the plan comes together.

Merchandise and Art Sales

Another commonly asked question from the first show was “do you sell the art work? Do you have any merchandise for sale? We’d love to support the show!” First, thanks to everyone who want to support the mission of Nude Art LA. We couldn’t have done (or continue to do) any of this without you. Second, you asked and we listened. Now you can find Nude Art LA merchandise for sale on our site. We’re just in the preliminary stages but, so far, we’ve added a few items with our logo, as well as some humorous novelty items. You can show your support for Nude Art LA with a logo shirt, hat, tank top, or coffee mug.

Regarding art sales, we’ve added a new feature where we will provide a central location from which to buy the original art works on display at the show, as well as the ability to order prints online. Our system will make it easy for you to buy pieces of art created by your favorite artists, supporting them and their work as well as Nude Art LA. 

So Much More to Come

Obviously, we still have several months before the show in September, and there will be a lot more information on the way. We are working to pin down the exact dates and times of the event in the next few days. After that, we will set up a portal to start buying tickets online. We expect a larger turn out for this second show, so you may want to reserve your tickets sooner rather than later.

We will also have information about an affiliate marketing program so that you, our friends, can also make money from Nude Art LA by encouraging your friends and family to buy tickets and merchandise. 

There will be a number of additional announcements coming out about some of the exciting performances and artists that will join us at the next show. Stay tuned for all the exciting details!

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Nude Art LA to Host Inaugural Show March 3, 2018


Nude Art LA to Host Inaugural Show March 3, 2018

Los Angeles, CA – February 20, 2018 – “Original, sexy, and real;” words that describe Nude Art LA, a pop-up art show in Los Angeles that focuses on the nude in art. Nude Art LA announced its inaugural show today, which will take place on March 3, 2018. The show features over the works of over 20 artists and performers, including photographers, sculptors, painters, performance artists, videographers, and much more.

Nude Art LA will explore the intersection between nudity and social norms. It looks at the nude in art through a variety of perspectives, some traditional, some challenging, some thoughtful, and others humorous. Nude Art LA chose each artist for their unique perspective on the topic of the naked human form, with no two presenting exactly the same vision. The organization received a surprisingly strong response to its call for artists, despite this being its first show. Thus, the organizers had their pick of a wide selection of very talented entrants.

In addition to the art displays, the event has a number of interactive exhibits as well. Guests will have the opportunity to become artists themselves as they sketch live semi-nude models, watch body paint demonstrations, see a range of unique live performances, and much more.

About the Event

Nude Art LA’s inaugural show takes place on March 3, 2018 from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. An artists’ collective called The Sugar Shack. Located at 4402 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 9019 plays host to this kick-off show. This unusual space provides an appealingly Bohemian backdrop to a show that will stimulate, challenge, and amuse.

The show operates on a donation basis, though interested visitors can reserve tickets in advance through Eventbrite. Visitors can also get tickets at the door the night of the show, but space is limited and admission will be on a first come, first served basis.