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Announcing Contest to Create the Poster for Our March, 2019 Event

Naked Masquerade

We are constantly blown away by the level of talent displayed by the artists at our shows. So, we had a thought: “Why not have YOU design our next event poster?” Thus, we are announcing a contest to create our March, 2019 poster art. The winner will get a cash prize of $500 and have their artwork featured in all of our advertising materials for the March, 2019 show.

The image at the top of this post is what we used for our September, 2018 show. It was a photo Chris (one of our organizers) had taken many years ago that he cropped and ran through an AI filter to give it a painted effect. It worked well for our advertising, because it was easy to cover the nudity with a little text so we could use it on social media and in “family-friendly” publications. That’s how we ended up with ads that looked like this:

Use this as a little guidance on things we will need for the next show’s poster, and you could be walking away with the prize money.

Want to submit your work for consideration as our next event poster? Just use the form below to submit your piece and you could walk away with $500 in your pocket and a little notoriety around the nude art world in Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone who enters, and good luck!